OTC Leadership

Meet the team
taking us into the future.

  • Bill Canady

    Chief Executive Officer

    “We are focused on giving exceptional opportunities to our associates, partnering with our customers and vendors, and delivering a superior return to our investors. Join us and we will help you find the greatness within yourself.”

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  • Adam McMahon

    Chief Financial Officer

    “OTC offers a fast-paced environment with a sharp focus on growth, and every person has the opportunity to make recommendations and improvements in the business. These opportunities provide the career-building toolbox of experiences and skills necessary to develop a successful career.”

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  • Matt Marthinson

    Chief Operating Officer

    “Success at OTC is directly attributed to our experienced and passionate associates who possess a strong commitment to learning and exploring innovative ideas. Our primary emphasis lies in achieving efficiency by continuously enhancing our processes and adopting new technologies. Our dedicated associates consistently surpass expectations, going the extra mile, and when they are not working, they engage in recreational activities with equal enthusiasm. This collective effort contributes to the nurturing of a vibrant and wholesome company culture.”

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  • Brett Stanton


    “OTC's excellence is the result of combining exceptional people with industry leading products, services, and technologies. Our company and leadership team are committed to offering opportunities for growth and professional development for all team members from all walks of life.”

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  • Bob Wilson

    President, Industrial Automation & Finishing

    “Welcome to OTC! We work hand-in-hand with our vendor partners and apply our collective expertise to solve our customers' key application problems. It's a fast-paced business poised to grow where you can make an impact every day.”

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  • Adam Gibbs

    President, Air Supply Group

    “Having a drive to succeed, a willingness to take risks, and the ability to avoid the pitfalls of perfection are all positive attributes of our culture. Being able to embrace a balanced approach to work and play is a must, as life events matter both at work and at home.”

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  • Glenn Ritzi

    SVP of Commercial Strategy

    “At OTC, you will have the opportunity to grow as the company grows. Although we are nearing $1B in annual revenue, we move fast without the bureaucracy you typically see in large companies. We have great products, great customers, and a great team. If you're looking to make a quick impact, join us.”

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  • Roger Abrahams


    “Being successful at OTC takes passion, hard work, and a sense of fun. Our leadership philosophy is to be data driven, stay on pace with no surprises, and make results matter. To be successful at OTC, you need to have the same mindset.”

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